Do You Know the Real Jesus?

July 25, 2013By BrandonDevotional

Our culture is very familiar with Jesus, but often misinterprets Him and His words. Most people who have a problem with organized religion or the church in our culture don’t necessarily have a problem with Jesus because of the image that we have of Him. Typically, we see Jesus as: A holy, religious leader A … Read More

God Has Great Ambitions For You

July 22, 2013By BrandonDevotional

God never peddles Christianity as a spiritual benefits package to be enjoyed without challenges or adversity. He knows we’re going to go through some hard stuff. He remembers that we are made of dust. And He is all too familiar with our sin nature and how incapable we are of achieving perfection in our own … Read More

5 Ways to Preach Like a Pharisee

November 29, 2012By BrandonPreaching 1 Comment

Many of the Pharisees were probably great teachers and skilled speakers. I’m sure many were charismatic, skilled communicators. But by the time Jesus arrived on the scene, the Pharisees, on the whole, were killing the culture around them spiritually. Jesus had a lot of work to do just to unwire people from the performance-driven, legalistic … Read More

Let’s Fight FOR Worship!

September 29, 2012By BrandonTheology

Everybody worships. Not everyone believes in God, or in gods, or in the God of the Bible, but everyone worships. Everybody ascribes worth to something, which is one of the basic definitions of worship. My favorite bo about worship, outside the Bible, is Warren Wiersbe’s Real Worship: Playground, Battleground, or Holy Ground?. Wiersbe offers this concise … Read More

Getting Explicit About the Gospel

June 18, 2012By BrandonBooks, Theology

Rick Warren said, “If you read only one bo this year, make it this one. It’s that important.” The gospel is a message that never loses its relevancy and always needs retelling. I found Matt Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel to be an awesome retelling of it. Chandler’s explanation of the gospel is ultra-clear, and while I … Read More

Finding the Right Path In Life – Jesus

June 6, 2012By BrandonLiving

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man comes to the Father except through me.” I remember a Bible college professor paraphrasing what Jesus meant with these s: I am the Way… walk Me. I am the Truth… know Me. I am the Life… live Me. Jesus, paraphrased by Dr. … Read More

Approaching Easter Sunday As a Pastor

March 21, 2012By BrandonPreaching 1 Comment

Easter Sunday is special. In spite of the competition from little furry bunnies who iver colored eggs and sugar-induced hyperactive episodes among children, it’s still a holiday that is fairly “religious.” That is to say, Jesus still gets a fair amount of attention, possibly because it’s always on Sunday and churches draw such attention to … Read More