A Simple Gospel Invitation to Give Your Life to Jesus

Brandon Theology

There are so many ways to word an invitation to people to become Christians… Repent and believe… Admit, believe, confess… Invite Jesus into your life… Ask Jesus to be your Savior… Give your life to Jesus… Believe and receive… Commit your life to Jesus… Ask Jesus into your heart… (which can mean so many things) I’m from an area of …

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The “Gospel” Is More Than You’ve Probably Ever Imagined

Brandon Books, Theology

In modern evangelicalism, we have several versions of the gospel with which people are familiar. The doctrine of justification by grace through faith, which, may describe the theological ramifications of the gospel, but isn’t actually the gospel. The “plan of salvation” including four spiritual laws, or five steps to peace with God, the Romans Road, or some other presentation and decision-centric …

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Sermon Video: How to Lay Down Your Burdens

Brandon Preaching

Are you overcommitted? Overworked? Overstressed? Jesus was one of the busiest, hardest working people in history, but somehow managed to find the perfect rhythm of spending time alone, time with his closest friends, and time serving people. And guess what? He invites you to know him, follow him, and do life the way he did even in the chaos of …