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It’s Easier NOT to Lead

Leading Out Front

Leadership is a hot topic with plenty of aspiring and hopeful people clamoring for success in its arena. But the reality is that it's easier NOT to lead. When we aspire to leadership, we envision the good stuff - the people who will look to us for direction, the success of our organization, and the accolades …

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5 Ways to Encourage Another Leader

Linking Hands

Everyone needs a Paul and a Timothy (or several of each). That is, we all need to be learning from mentors and mentoring learners. There is always someone ahead of us and always someone just behind us. It is the role and responsibility of a leader to give another leader a lift. So how can we, in a practical …

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Go, Disturb Your City

Disturb Your City

Two thousand years ago, the good news of Jesus Christ had a tendency to upset entire social structures, flipping society upside down and leveling the playing field so that people from any position in life could have a restored relationship with God because of what Jesus Christ accomplished by His death on the …

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The Problem with Both Talent and Charisma


Talent and charisma aren't bad. They're good. They're gifts. In the Bible, Joseph and Daniel are two striking examples of both attributes and how God uses them to put us in places of expanding influence. The problem, however, with both talent and charisma is that they expand our influence whether our character …

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Two Words That Will Make You Filthy Rich On the Internet

Two Words That Will Make You Filthy Rich On the Internet Posted by Brandon on Dec 4, 2010 in Marketing | No Comments PPC & SEO? Nope. Affiliate Marketing? Nope. Article Submission? Nope. Auto Blogging? Certainly not. Ready? If you’re into being filthy rich, go for it. The same two words …

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Influence Is Great, But To What End?

I like the word "influence" as you probably do too. I want more of it. It's why Christians are left on earth after being saved and not drafted instantly into heave - so we can influence others to follow Christ. But I see a trend within our culture of downsizing the value of influence. We now assume that if a …

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The Subtle Erosion of Our Trust Equity

People tend to trust you as the come to know you. Then they tend to untrust you as you abuse their trust. This is true in marriage, in church leadership, in business, etc. The erosion of your trust equity can happen overnight, such as when the local news breaks the story of a moral failure. But more often …

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Leadership Equity: Spend It Wisely

photo credit: pfala When you walk into a leadership opportunity, you go with a little bit of equity by virtue of your position and the inevitable honeymoon period during which those you lead will let you get by with just a bit more than they will a decade later, but you have to be very careful with that …

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I Think It’s Time To Be Concerned

I'm deeply concerned. Jesus made a bold statement once about the influence of believers when He said, "If the salt loses its savor, it is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under the foot of men." I've just finished reading an article by Al Mohler that gives an articulate voice to a rising …

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Fifteen Random, But Inspiring Leadership Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot about leadership this evening, and what a privilege influence is. Rather than carefully craft a lengthy article about a single topic, I thought I'd spill out everything I've been pondering and let you sort it out. Here are some random leadership thoughts to get your inner leader's …

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