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Our Nine-Month Journey To Samuel

Samuel David In the Beginning

Samuel David In the Beginning

That picture is of Samuel David, five days from fertilization. I’m writing this about twelve hours before we find ourselves at the hospital for a scheduled c-section. We’re here. There was a time when we really wondered if we’d be here.

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God Remembers You


This article is adapted from a sermon on 1 Samuel, chapter 1

I’ve read a lot this week about the earthquake and ensuing tragic situation in Haiti, the country we’ve forgotten about as long as possible. But the most powerful thing I’ve read was written by James MacDonald…

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Announcing the Name of Our Son

Our baby boy is due in April of 2010. That’s a miraculous thing for which we are very thankful to God. It’s been a long journey and we’ve prayed for a long, long time for this second child. We’re officially naming him Samuel David and you must read my wife’s post about how we arrived at that name. She tells the moving story far better than I could.

My Wife on What the Lord Has Done In Our Lives

I admire my wife’s ability to write about matters of the heart, and deeper matters about our lives. I’ve been limited in my writing about our struggle with infertility (which has ended now), but she’s put it quite well over at her blog, The Sweet Life. Read on…

What the Lord Has Done

Our Big Family Announcement

So here’s the big family announcement we made to our church family this morning…

We’re Expecting!

Well… my wife is, that is. We’ve spent several years praying for this to happen and during that time have suffered two miscarriages (one of them an ectopic), but God has answered our prayers. We’re about eleven weeks along, so please pray for health and safety. More details to come!