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Get Personal to Preach More Powerfully

When I was in Bible college, I was taught the same basic sermon preparation methods that thousands of other preachers have learned. It's a linear outline that usually begins with a major proposition, continues with several major points, each supported with explanatory illustrations and then a conclusion that summarizes the truths presented. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but my tendency too often is to rely on what I know. This past Sunday, my wife sat and …

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The Easter Story, As Told by Marshmallow Peeps

You may see this as trite, or you might see it as a really tasty way (pun intended) to share the basic elements of the story of Jesus through imagery familiar to everyone who has ever experienced the awesome goodness of Marshmallow Peeps. Can't see it? Watch it on Youtube. Hat Tip to Matthew Paul Turner. …

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