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5 Practices of a Peaceful Home

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Guitars sound nice because of stress. Great guitarists know how to turn the tuning pegs just enough that all six strings are in harmony with one another and on key. But too much stress, too much tension, can stretch or break a string. In the same way, every family will experience stress and tension. It’s inevitable, and it’s possible to …

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Three Things Kids Need to See In Their Parents

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We sometimes think that raising kids well is all about what we tell them. But what is even important is what we show them. And if you want to do the best you can for the next generation’s sake, you’ll mo at least these three traits in your home. Security and Stability Kids need to know that they’re safe, their basic …

Start Your Family Well (What To Pray Over Your New Home)

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Last night I had a pretty neat experience. A couple who have recently married and begun their new life together asked me to come and bless their home, something I’ve never been asked to do in almost 14 years of ministry. The short version – we talked about Jesus and prayed over their family’s future. The long version… They showed …

The Association of Baptist Students

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Cory and I had a nice treat today in visiting with the directors of the Association of Baptist Students at the University of Arkansas. After touring the property, I was impressed with their ability to squeeze so much out of so little. Rather than a state-of-the-art facility, they were “making do” with three older houses, all in need of some …