The Nightline Debate: Proving the Existence of God

Brandon Theology

Last night, millions watched the debate between Kelly and Brian Sabient (representing atheism) and Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (attempting to prove God’s existence without using faith or the Bible). I have reviewed as much of the video as I can stand and have come to some interesting conclusions. At first, I was disappointed in Ray’s use of Scripture in …

Just Walk Across the Room

Brandon Culture, Leadership

I just finished reading Bill Hybels‘ newest bo Just Walk Across the Room. I was so impacted by its content that I changed my sermon for this past Sunday. Instead of preaching on “The Power of Proper Life Stewardship” I preached on “The Power of a Walk Across the Room.” E-

The Creative Juices Are Flowing

Brandon Leadership

God is the great Creator of the entire universe and all that is in it. He created time and He creates every life that enters into the world. In short, God is extremely creative, so He s creativity. I agree with many modern church leaders that creativity, in and of itself, is glorifying to God, so long as what we …

Fresh Power

Brandon Culture, Living, Theology

I just finished reading Jim Cymbala’s bo Fresh Power and it has again revived my thirst for God. One of the most impactful insights from the bo is the revelation that if we can explain the success of our churches in terms of programs, personalities, or well-oiled machinery without the power of the Holy Spirit, then we’ve missed the point. …