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Finding Your Groove, Week 4 – Living a Spirit-led Life

Reading our Bibles, praying, and gathering with other believers are all important habits for every Christian to form. But, spiritual formation and growth is still a work of God. In this message, you’ll discover the difference the Holy Spirit makes when we are willing to say, “I need help!”
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How the Spirit Tames Our Fears

The kind of fear that keeps us from living life to the full never comes from God. What God gives, instead, is power and confidence, love, and self-control. The Holy Spirit wants to replace our fear with faith!
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When You’ve Failed, God’s Spirit Is Faithful

God loves you, and when he saves you, he saves you completely and forever, fills you with his powerful presence, and leads you into growth and maturity. But you still sin. So what happens when we fail? In this message, we learn that God invites us into a posture of repentance and he faithfully forgives...
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YOU Can Be a Difference Maker

The Holy Spirit is the great Difference Maker in history, in the church, and in our lives. And he’s also the great difference maker who wants to influence the world through his church. If you really want to make a difference, become part of a community of difference makers.
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A Whole New Way to Pray

God, your Creator, has invited you into an intimate conversation with himself through prayer. You can call on him anytime, from anywhere, in any circumstance. And when the Holy Spirit gets involved, you can discover a whole new way to pray.
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Growing from “Ought To” to “Can Do” Living

You ought to go to church. You ought to read your Bible, eat right, quit smoking, pay your tithes, and be a better mom… dad… husband… wife… yodeler, underwater basket-weaver, etc. The weight of “ought to” living can be crushing. In fact, it’s really the essence of the law. Our sin nature traps us right in the line...
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How God Wants to Change You from the Inside Out

Change is hard. And it’s hard because, usually, it starts from the outside in. We experience changes in employment, health, finances, family, and friendships and then our hearts must adapt quickly to keep up with those external changes. But what if our Creator himself were willing to move into our hearts and change us from...
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God Will Find You In the Gutter, And Take You Somewhere Else

Jesus met with Nicodemus in the night, a relationally broken woman at a Samaritan well, and Matthew at a party thrown for tax collectors. He befriended prostitutes, recruited zealots, and pronounced forgiveness for known adulterers. God, in Christ, has definitely demonstrated his willingness to go to the gutters of society to change the lives of...
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How to Experience the Fullness of God’s Spirit

God Himself invites us to be under his direct influence, for his glory and for our good, through the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Bible calls this direct influence being “filled with the Spirit,” and in this message, we explore a passage of the Bible that spells out how to...
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God the Holy Spirit, Help Us to Be Both Wild and Tame!

God, help me to be tame in the ways I’m prone to be wild. And help me to be wild in the ways I’m prone to be too tame. That’s the prayer I’ve been repeating since Sunday. I started into a new sermon series called The Ghost. We’ll spend eight weeks diving into the depths...
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