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Sermon Video: When You’ve Failed, God’s Spirit Is Faithful

Brandon Preaching

God s you, and when he saves you, he saves you completely and forever, fills you with his powerful presence, and leads you into growth and maturity. But you still sin. So what happens when we fail? In this message, we learn that God invites us into a posture of repentance and he faithfully forgives and heals. …

Run the Race

Growing from “Ought To” to “Can Do” Living

Brandon Living

You ought to go to church. You ought to read your Bible, eat right, quit sming, pay your tithes, and be a better mom… dad… husband… wife… yoer, underwater basket-weaver, etc. The weight of “ought to” living can be crushing. In fact, it’s really the essence of the law. Our sin nature traps us right in the of fire of hundreds of …