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Approaching Easter Sunday As a Pastor


Easter Sunday is special. In spite of the competition from little furry bunnies who deliver colored eggs and sugar-induced hyperactive episodes among children, it's still a holiday that is fairly "religious." That is to say, Jesus still gets a fair amount of attention, possibly …

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Was the Grinch a Christian? Exposing the Real Grumps of Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Cindy Lou Who

One of my favorite holiday movies is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, especially the new Jim Carrey version. Dr. Seuss invented a character that became so wildly popular, he's now a cliche (i.e. "Don't be such a grinch!"). Anyone who puts a damper on the holidays falls into the …

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Think “Warm” As You Plan Your Church’s Christmas Calendar

Have a Warm Christmas

I've never really considered this before, but Gary Molander makes a pretty deep point about where our audience is when we go into the holiday season. As we design communication pieces, craft messages, and plan services, it's a good idea to think about the perspective from which …

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My Christmas Greeting to You

The angels opened the portal of heaven and their sound and the brightness of their glory was overwhelming to the humble shepherds in the field. But their message was that Jesus wasn't to be found in that throng of angels. He would be found in a manger in a stable in the sleepy …

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Photography Inspiration For the Holidays

See more cool photos at …

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Leading In the New Year [Audio]

As a Pastor, I've always gotten excited about January 1. Everybody is busy at Christmas and while it's a great time for outreach, it's also a great time to get distracted from kingdom growth. January provides a month when people are calming down, seeking peace, and making fresh …

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Things I'm Thankful for Today

I'm actually thankful for these things every day, but today in the U. S. is especially set aside for the purpose of saying (or blogging) thanks for such things. Gratitude is life-changing and invites the blessings of God into our lives. So let me offer my thanks to God …

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This Christmas, I Am Content in God’s Gifts

I'm writing this post just after midnight on Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning, whichever you prefer. I'm excited about what the morning will bring forth, but even as I sit in anticipation of tomorrow's celebration, I can honestly say I'm extremely content. I just finished …

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Who Was St. Valentine Anyway?

Most people will never ponder that question, especially men. We're too busy scrambling for romantic ideas. Jay Leno said men like to call February 14 "Extortion Day." I think it's nice to be able to set aside a day to be extra-sweet to that one who means so much to us. But have …

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Merry Christmas from the Cox Family

The Cox Family at Silver Dollar City

Dear Family and Friends, It seems impossible that three years have passed since we moved our family to northwest Arkansas. . We feel so overwhelmed when we think about all with which God has blessed us since coming home to Bethel. Ella started the first grade and seems to …

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