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Jesus-style Ministry is Ministry to the Broken


Jesus didn't come to make healthy people feel better about themselves. He came for the sick. He came for the broken. He came for those who could acknowledge their need for deep, soul healing. And he almost got killed for doing so. The first time Jesus revisited his hometown of …

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Can You Just Heal My Boy?


"I begged your disciples to cast out the spirit, but they couldn't do it." (Luke 9:40 NLT) The disciples had plenty of great experiences to boast about. They were in the inner circle. They had been hanging out with one of Israel's most popular rabbis. But on this day, they …

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How to Fix Broken Relationships


Context: The following are my notes for a message to the men gathering for Saddleback's Herd Saturday, which is why it's a message directed primarily at men. Two Things Men Do Well We've been raising both a daughter and a son. I've watched my daughter grow from a baby to an …

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Easter Means Healing Now, Hope Forever

Let me focus in for a moment on Simon Peter, one of the key disciples surrounding Jesus. You may know the story by heart in which Peter asserted that He would never dessert the Lord Jesus, to which Jesus replied, “Before the cock crows, you will have denied me three times.” Sure …

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I Believe In Divine Healing

When W. A. Criswell was asked, "Do you believe in divine healing?" his response was simply, "Is there any other kind?" I love that! James 5 contains a passage of Scripture that addresses prayer. It's often misunderstood, but if we grasp its meaning, we'll unlock some amazing …

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Recovering From My Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Just a quick update. My wisdom teeth extraction took less than an hour. When we left the oral surgeon's office we headed to Walmart where I was instructed to wait in the car while my wife got my prescriptions filled. I got bored and tried to get out of the car, which set the …

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God’s People Past Midnight

I recently watched one of the great Christmas classics of the past... Gremlins! When you feed the cute, cuddly little magwi's past midnight, what happens? They turn into little green monsters with big claws and try to eat you. Way off subject... what happens to God's people after …

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