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Getting Explicit About the Gospel

The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

Rick Warren said, "If you read only one book this year, make it this one. It's that important." The gospel is a message that never loses its relevancy and always needs retelling. I found Matt Chandler's The Explicit Gospel to be an awesome retelling of it. Chandler's explanation of the gospel is ultra-clear, …

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What’s Right With the Church in 2011


Because of my role as an Editor and Online Community Facilitator, I'm exposed to a very wide variety of thinking within the modern church. I read blogs by the reformed, the missional, the fundamental, the emerging, the evangelical, and the conservative points of view. I read books about theology, church growth, …

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Creating a ‘Whatever It Takes’ Culture

Whatever It Takes

Go ahead. Accuse me of being pragmatic. I'm guilty, just as Jesus and Paul were. I often scratch my head trying to figure out what's so bad about that anyway. Biblical theology never changes. God never changes in His character and attributes. But culture changes, so the means of communicating the unchanging …

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Chuck Swindoll: Serve God By Serving People

Chuck Swindoll

Men like Chuck Swindoll have a way of articulating profound truths in rather simple statements. In my own mind, I've struggled to figure out how to get the idea across that we need to serve people in order to serve God. In today's insight for living Chuck had this to say... We find it encouraging to think of …

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Go, Disturb Your City

Disturb Your City

Two thousand years ago, the good news of Jesus Christ had a tendency to upset entire social structures, flipping society upside down and leveling the playing field so that people from any position in life could have a restored relationship with God because of what Jesus Christ accomplished by His death on the …

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A Few Thoughts on Multi-Site Churches

Branching Out

I have just left the staff of a church with eleven campuses and many more to come. While at Saddleback Church, we helped Mars Hill Church start a campus right in our own neighborhood, unselfishly. We Christians love to do two things with trends: a.) jump into them too quickly and b.) criticize them too harshly. …

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Every Pastor Should Read ‘Note to Self’

Note to Self by Joe Thorn

"Preaching it" is easier than living it. This creates significant problems when our speaking talent outweighs our personal character. Therefore, it is imperative that we, as shepherds, shepherd ourselves - that we hear the Word, do the Word, and preach to ourselves first. That's why I love Joe Thorn's book Note …

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How Can I Be Legalism Free?


I like rules, lines, and boundaries. I feel safer if I have clear parameters, which explains my love for graph paper. I like it when everything is nice and tidy. The problem is, life isn't always nice and tidy. People around me don't always play by my rules, and I'm the biggest boundary breaker of them all. …

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Jesus’ Crystal Clear Theological Affirmations

Jesus wasn't always clear. He told parables not for the purpose of simplifying and illustrating truths to make them more understandable, but to present the mysteries of the kingdom to the few who would catch the underlying meanings. Jesus is the greatest philosopher the world has ever known. He could go deep, …

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The Church: A Life Saving Station

Tonight is VISION NIGHT at Bethel. That simply means I'm sharing my vision for Bethel in the year 2009 - what I believe God has placed on my heart as the leader of the congregation for us to emphasize and accomplish in the next twelve months or so. (I will post the audio later.) What I'm sharing will be the …

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