How Good Works Brings Real Faith to Life

Brandon Devotional

“Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works.” – James 2:26 NLT A human body without breath is responseless, inanimate, and lifeless. Without breath, the blood stops flowing and the brain shuts down. In the same way, faith dies when it isn’t put to work. Faith, without works, is cold and dead. Most …

Let’s Blame the Good Stuff on Jesus

Brandon Devotional

I paid a compliment to my friend Bobby once about the kind of husband and all-around good guy he was. His response never left me. “Let’s blame that on Jesus, ay?” It wasn’t false humility. He genuinely desire to recognize that any good work displayed in his life was a work of the grace of God deep within him. Paul …

Do Good

Being Generous in Works and Deeds Too

Brandon Devotional

Writing a check is easy. Perhaps the work of earning the money represented by the check is hard, but in terms of generosity and serving other people, writing a check is usually the easy part, especially for people with wealth. Time often feels much costly to us in the developed world because money seems so replaceable, even in a …