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Who Invented Social Media? God Did.

The Creation of Adam

God invented social media. I know that might sound like a crazy claim, but I have a biblical basis for believing this. So I'm primarily speaking to those who believe with me that God is the creator presented to us in the biblical book of Genesis. Social media seems like a new term. Many people are just hearing …

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Big Truths I Need to Hear Every Day

Eternal Truth

I'm a messed up human being. I don't mean that I'm particularly deranged - just that I was born broken and have reached the plateau of adulthood carrying some flaws with me. The biggest flaw? I believe lies... sometimes. Here's a law of life that can't be avoided or broken... The way I think determines what …

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When Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors… There Is Hope

Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

I just watched a video of police pepper spraying peaceful protestors at UC Davis, which led me to investigate further into why people are occupying Wall Street (and plenty of other streets too), which further led me to read some of the testimonies of people who are suffering in this present economic …

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God Is Love… But Am I?

God Is Love

God is love. We hear that statement but because it has become so cliche, we fail to feel the full weight of it. We, in our unloving and often unloveable finite human minds will never fully comprehend it. And to emulate that which we cannot comprehend is extremely difficult. If only we had a through, biblical …

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What You Should Know About Rick Warren’s Worldview

Rick Warren Tweets Jesus Is God

For some time now, I've been serving as a Pastor to Saddleback Church's correspondence team, a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who answer over 100,000 emails per year about a range of subjects. Not a week goes by that I don't see an email (or twenty) asking for Pastor Rick's response to what someone …

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Great Designers Learn from Great Design

Dexigner Newsletter

There are titles aplenty in the design and development world. I'm not so much a developer as I am a designer, but I'm not so much a graphic designer as I am a front end website developer, so some would call me a user interface designer or web user interface designer. Or perhaps I'm an information architect or …

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Prayer: The Great Joint Venture

Charles Spurgeon once said, "Prayer moves the arm that moves the world." One of my mentors, Grady Higgs, often says that "nothing heavenly happens on earth without prayer." In other words, there are things God is willing to do - wants to do - but He has chosen to do them only in response to prayer. Prayer, …

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God Sees Beyond Today

In my last post, I talked about how God sees deeper than the skin and today, I want to carry that thought further (based on my message from last Sunday) about how God sees beyond today. I'm busy today. I have a lot of things up in the air that are all happening at once. Your day is like mine, isn't it? …

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God Sees Deeper Than the Skin

God's vision differs from our vision. He sees people, the world, and truth through different eyes. His thoughts are above ours, as are all of His ways. I wanted to elaborate. …

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He Made the Stars Also

I've just begun my annual Bible reading plan over at and have already been awestruck within the first chapter of the Bible by a single phrase... "and He made the stars also." Consider the vastness of the universe... It so happens that the distance from the earth to one of our brightest …

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