God Is A Finisher

October 16, 2014By BrandonDevotional

I have taken lessons in piano, guitar, trumpet, and karate. Does this make me a master of all of these abilities? No! Because I stopped each one after only a few months. I’m a master of starting things! God, however, is the Master of finishing. Consider this. In Genesis 3, sin entered the picture of … Read More

The Light of the Glory of God

December 13, 2009By BrandonPreaching

This article is adapted from my sermon from Luke 2:8-20 from a series on the light of Christmas. I think most of us can relate to having a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” For me, traveling to Russia on a mission trip was that kind of an opportunity for me. When those moments come along, … Read More

Sometimes I Wish You Knew

May 22, 2009By BrandonLiving 11 Comments

I define myself with clear priorities. I am first and foremost a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a born again child of God. I’m also a husband to an awesome wife, and a Dad to a wonderful daughter. Then I’m a Pastor to a great church. Sometimes I’m also a web and graphic designer. … Read More

If We’re Praying, We’re Growing

April 1, 2009By BrandonLiving, Preaching, Theology

Prayer is a classroom, and God is the Teacher. In prayer, we learn just how big He really is. I’ve recently been teaching through Jesus’ mo prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 and my friend Chris Price posted a picture on (follow Chris) of some notes he had jotted down about the attributes of God in … Read More

The Certainty of Mysteries

July 18, 2007By BrandonTheology

I was deeply moved by today’s reading from J. Sidlow Baxter’s devotional, Awake My Heart. He speaks of the mysteries of life, what W. A. Criswell used to call “the imponderables of God.” Baxter mentioned birth, life, personality, human experience, Satan, eternity, etc. All of these are unexplainable. We can begin, but we can never … Read More

Ten Years… And Counting!

June 14, 2007By BrandonFamily, Living

Today marks our tenth anniversary as a married couple. I’ve done quite a bit of reflecting back on that very special moment when we were pronounced husband and wife by my father-in-law. I showed up at the church a few hours before the wedding and it was pouring down rain. I wanted to wait until … Read More

On Your Feet, Soldier!

June 5, 2007By BrandonLeadership, Living

This past Sunday, I began preaching in Genesis with chapter one, verse one. The message started a lengthy commitment to preaching all of the word. I don’t think I’ve ever been as satisfied by a message in all of my ministry. I had studied and prepared for about six weeks for just the first chapter … Read More