Acknowledging the Ultimate Gift Giver

Brandon Devotional

James, the brother of Jesus, once said, “Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father…” (James 1:17 GW) All the stuff we possess is a gift from God, and failing to recognize Him as the Giver is to miss the opportunity to glorify Him in our lives and in the world. Acknowledging and thanking God as the Giver does two things …

Raise Faith, Not Funds

Pastor, Don’t Raise Funds. Raise Faith.

Brandon Leadership

Fundraising is no fun. Most Pastors I know say it’s the one aspect of supporting a church’s ministry they find most difficult. Having launched into church planting, I tend to agree. The least pleasant task I have is asking for money. So let’s just stop it. We don’t have time to raise funds. But we do have time to raise …

Little Hands

5 Reasons To Partner with Grace Hills Church

Brandon Church Planting

I’ve heard from plenty of people that church planting is tough. When Angie and I expressed a calling toward it, we were warned by quite a few ministry leaders to the effect of “Don’t do this unless God has definitely called you because it’s hard.” Church planters face isolation, criticism, and the constant pressure to become self-sustaining. But for me, …

Grace Hills Church

How You Can Help Plant Grace Hills Church

Brandon General

Donate to Relocation to Plant Grace Hills Church   Or, if you’re a PayPal nut… We are now just sixty days from relocating to northwest Arkansas to begin the work of planting Grace Hills Church. The feedback we’ve received thus far has been tremendously positive. We’ve been encouraged by friends and family, fellow church planters, and the staff at Saddleback. …