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God Gives the Very Best Gifts

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Are you a child of God? Then He has gifted you! There are no superhero saints who leap tall buildings in single bounds. Instead, there are believers who become super servants because they value the gifts God has given them. The Bible says, It is the one and only Spirit who …

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Defining the Favor of God

Kindness of Strangers

The phrase "favor of God" seems to be growing in popularity, and I'm glad. It's a biblical phrase - a good phrase. But it's often misunderstood. I once heard a guy talk about finding a parking spot right up front on a busy shopping day because of the "favor of God." I pictured in …

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What I Really Deserve

Nice Fruit

This week, I'm staying in a nice hotel in Ocala, Florida, driving around in a rented Camaro, and eating fresh fruit - all sweet gifts from The Church at the Springs where Pastor Ron Sylvia and others are hosting Nuts & Bolts, a conference for church planters. I feel very …

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How To Discover Your Spiritual Gifts


Every believer in Jesus has been granted abilities that are empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are all born with various talents, but spiritual gifts are given to us when we become a Christian. The seeds of those gifts are often evident from birth, but the Holy Spirit empowers …

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10 Unique Gifts We Hope to Have Under our Tree

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All Your Pastor Wants for Christmas

Macbook Air

Disclaimer: I don't know your Pastor (probably) and so I can't say for sure he wants any of these things, much less that he wants these things exclusively, but I thought I'd take a stab at saying here's what, in my estimation, many Pastors would love to have... if you're looking …

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Book Review: The Gift of the Psalms

I've recently finished reading through this neat little gift book, The Gift of Psalms. I've thumbed through dozens of similar gift books and quite frankly, usually think of them as think slices of sentimentalism with no real substance, wrapped in leather and foil and sold to the …

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God’s Gift to His Son and Jesus’ Gift to His Father

John 17 is referred to as the high priestly prayer of Jesus. It's the real "Lord's Prayer" (the other one is Jesus' model prayer for His disciples). In John 17, we hear the heart of Jesus. He's purposely praying out loud in front of the disciples on His walk from the upper room …

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The Gift Conspiracy

I'm convinced there is a vast shower gift conspiracy operating in our culture. Think about it. For a wedding shower, she has all the fun. Nobody buys the sweet "couple" golf clubs or pocket knives. And then the babies, the poor little babies. They don't get anything fun - it's …

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Really Enjoy Christmas This Year

The economy has tanked and we've elected a Democratic President, but things could be worse (just a joke, folks). I love Christmas and it's one week away from my posting this little blog. I wanted to pass along some tips for making Christmas interesting this year. You may already …

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