What Will Be Said at My Funeral?

Today I attended the funeral of Larry Markum who served as a Pastor, Missionary, and Church Planter. I was amazed by the number of friends and family who attended from several states to pay tribute to his life and testimony. When I moved to Northwest Arkansas, Bro. Markum called me up just to have prayer with me, and he called me periodically just to check in. The service was moving, a blessing to everybody who attended.

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The Brevity of Life

Today, I attended the funeral of a 16 year old girl named Crystal. She was killed in an auto accident this past Monday. I had met her only once – she was the sister of a young lady for whom I had conducted the wedding last month. Some of the photos that scrolled by on the screen were taken at that reception. It was a very moving service, and a chilling reminder of the brevity of life.

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The Lord Who Heals and the People Who Worship

I must confess, as a Baptist, it took me a rather long time to come to understand the healing nature of God. We Baptists, as Adrian Rogers put it, “believe in miracles, but trust in Jesus.” I still believe this is best. But I also freely admit that in our reaction to the extremism of “healing evangelists” like Binny Hinn and other obvious hucksters and false prophets, that we have a tendency to write off all supposed healings as a mere charade.

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