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The Fine Line Between Fear and Fun

Fear and FunMy wife headed for Vegas this past weekend, so I took a day off and headed with the kids over to our pool. I put my one-year-old son, Sam, in his frog suit and held him in the rather cold water. He had a blast, but whenever I would move around much or hold him away from me, he would get this great look on his face expressing two seemingly exclusive thoughts…

  1. I am so scared!
  2. This is so much fun!

Ever been there? That place where fear intermingles with fun is the reason we invented roller coasters, bungee jumping, and buffalo wings.

We’re just eight weeks from relocating to plant Grace Hills Church, and right now, I feel like we’re inching toward the border of fear and fun. How are we going to make it? What if people don’t come? What if this doesn’t work? Those are scary thoughts.

But we’re also having fun. We’re planning, praying, and dreaming about all the lives we hope to see changed by the gospel, which never gets old and never stops being fun.

The Scriptures are clear that we are to “fear not,” so I’m not saying being afraid of the unknown is a good thing. But I also want to say that at the border of fear and fun, God can often be found waiting on us to take the leap into the dark to test and prove His faithfulness.

Scared yet? Having fun yet? Good. Maybe this is just the place where God wants to rock your world in ways you never imagined!

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One Good Way to Have Hours of Annoying Fun

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