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Fresh Stories I’ve Bookmarked This Week

My Daughter's Pretty Feet

You can't lead and pour into others if you aren't taking in a steady diet of life-building content yourself. Here are some stories I've bookmarked lately, some on marriage, others on leadership, and a few on communications and design. Read what you like. 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog …

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Is Mad Men a Religious Program?

Mad Men

Well... no, but it certainly makes for a good illustration of a very simple biblical principle - that of consequences. The laws of "sowing and reaping" or "cause and effect" are realities we cannot escape. I loved Russell Moore's post on this topic so much I wanted to pass it along here. So often our …

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The Relaunch of Church Tech Today

Church Tech Today Screenshot

I'm a bit late in reporting this, but I've recently finished a project helping Lauren Hunter to relaunch She broke the news over a month ago but I've been a bit busy with some unforeseen projects to write about it. …

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16 Websites Every Social Media Enthusiast Should Know About

I received an email from a young guy who is eagerly hoping to jump into the realm of social media for marketing purposes. In my reply to him, I offered some of the links I would want to know about if I were just starting out and I wanted to pass these links along here for my readers. There are a diversity …

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Awesome Links & Resources for Creative People

I'm reviving an old practice here of posting some of my favorite creative links and resources from the past week. This is partly because I'm behind on passing them along on Twitter, and partly because I think passing along resources is part of how I'm wired. I'll try to subdivide them as well as possible. Here …

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Igniter Media Relaunches with a Sweet Design!

Igniter Media

Igniter media is a provider of video, audio, and other media and content for churches. They produce some excellent material for sermon illustrations, countdowns, and all kinds of other great stuff, such as this... They've just relaunched their site with a sweet new …

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Life in the Rearview: October in Review

Just in case you missed any articles during October, here's a summary... Oh, and Happy Halloween! October 1: A Clean (But Morbid) Joke October 4: Walking In the Confidence of God's Calling October 6: The Rut, the Rat Race, and the Daily Grind …

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Find Your Inner-Blogger via Fuel Your Blogging


I've been a fan of the whole family of sites belonging to the Fuel Brand Network for quite some time as a source of inspiration and instruction. Today, a post went live on one of the newest Fuel sites, Fuel Your Blogging. Oh, and I wrote it. Check it out... Eight Inner-Qualities of Great Bloggers …

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