What the Church Ought to be FOR Today

As I write this, it’s the morning after a dozen police officers were shot, five of them fatally, sacrificing themselves to defend the freedom of people to protest. It’s been a terrible few days for America. Ironically, before any of this began, I had begun preparing the first sermon in a new series of messages...
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Growing from “Ought To” to “Can Do” Living

You ought to go to church. You ought to read your Bible, eat right, quit smoking, pay your tithes, and be a better mom… dad… husband… wife… yodeler, underwater basket-weaver, etc. The weight of “ought to” living can be crushing. In fact, it’s really the essence of the law. Our sin nature traps us right in the line...
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Free Indeed to Live the Life God Intended

Once we find freedom from guilt and condemnation through Jesus, freedom from the bondage of sin, and freedom from legalism and empty religion, it’s time to really live life the way God intended – fruitfully!
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Free Indeed from the Bondage of Sin

We’re all caught. We’ve all sinned. And Jesus said, “whoever sins is the slave of sin.” But because of the amazing grace of God, shown through his Son, we can be freed from sin’s penalty, power, and someday, its presence. The Apostle Paul wrote about how to be set free in his letter to the...
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Free Indeed from Guilt and Condemnation

We’re caught. We’re guilty of sin. In fact, we’re enslaved by it. That’s the reason Jesus came – to give his life for ours, to set us free forever, and to remove the condemnation we deserve for our rebellion. The very first step to living in spiritual freedom is placing our trust in Jesus alone.
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Just Remember Who Is Really God, and Who God Really Is

When you read the book of Exodus, you’re reading the story of a God who is determined to free his people from bondage and slavery. No matter how hard the Egyptians fight, no matter how much the Israelites misunderstand God’s motives, and no matter how long the journey ahead might seem, God keeps on working...
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