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Good News: God’s Got Your Back

Brandon Living

You to the high road, made a sacrificial choice, and seemed to lose while the other guy played dirty and made some gains because of it. Sound like your life? Then you might be encouraged by one of history’s greatest sermons, preached by One who knew quite personally what it felt like to make sacrificial choices and seemingly lose in …


Charles Stanley: The Gift of Forgiveness

Brandon Devotional

I couldn’t help but be moved by Charles Stanley’s definition of unforgiveness. It’s something we ultimately do to ourselves, not to others: Webster defines gift as “something given to show friendship, affection, support, etc.” Using this definition, it seems logical to give gifts only to people we , not to those who hurt or abuse us. Yet Scripture clearly tells us to …

Forgetting the Past

Brandon Devotional

We all have a past. It’s filled with proud moments, and not-so-proud moments. It contains joy and pain, and we are continually tempted to live in it. But God wired us to face the future, to think forward, to live for today and tomorrow and leave yesterday behind. Paul put it this way, No, dear brothers and sisters, I have …