Tre9 (Bobby Herring) Needs a Permit to Feed the Homeless

Brandon Culture

I met “Tre9” on a trip to Houston back in the fall and we’ve communicated now and then about ministry. He has an awesome ministry not only to homeless people, but Hip Hop Hope, which uses Hip Hop, rap, and dance to reach out to the inner city of Houston with the gospel. They also homeless people, and there …


I’m In Love with Chick-fil-A

Brandon Living

First, the entertaining video, then my thoughts… I consider myself a self-appointed Chick-fil-A brand evangelist, and there are several things I think other businesses, and even churches, can learn from what I’ve observed. Here are some reasons why I Chick-fil-A for than just their awesome chicken sandwiches… E-

To God’s People: In Times of Gloom… Shine!

Brandon Living

Early mid-morning yesterday, reports began trickling in from various sources that Walmart was laying off people from the home office (located here in Bentonville, Arkansas). By day’s end, I think the number was around 850, maybe . Walmart, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts were three of the only companies that I had read about in the last month or two that …