58 Practices Of a Healthy Church Community

Group Hug

Group HugIt’s impossible for a Pastor or even a church staff to care for the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of every individual and family in a congregation. Expecting them to do so places an unscriptural and undue burden on them and creates unrealistic and bound-to-be-unmet expectations in the minds of church members. I mentioned this in a post I wrote last weekend about how I’m sorry when I let people down. In that post, I raised a question. Who then cares for the individuals within a church family? And I answered it. “The individuals do.”

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Lessons On Community from Huntington Beach

A Community at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach represents authentic southern California beach culture. You’ve got bodybuilders working out on the sand, skateboards and bikes covering the boardwalk, and street performers driving nails up their noses for tip money. My family and I visited there yesterday with the Krumm’s, friends of ours here in Orange County. It was a fascinating taste of local culture for us and in the midst of that experience, I observed some of the markings of genuine community.

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Lord’s Supper Devotional: An Altar or a Table?

As Luke records it in Luke 22:14-23, Jesus sat at a table with the apostles to celebrate the Lord’s Supper with them. Then He promised that someday, they would sit at another table with Him in the Kingdom. Many Christians see the communion table as more of an altar – a place of ongoing sacrifice, but I believe it was intended to be seen as a table. What’s the difference?

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A Good Weekend to Be a Pastor

Thursday I visited the Native American Museum here in Bentonville with our Keenagers group and enjoyed lunch with them. Friday we dropped in on the Refuge Lockdown and were blessed not only by seeing 30 teens show up to stay up all night, but were also privileged to exit and sleep in a nice comfy bed! Saturday we watch the University of Arkansas Razorbacks get decimated by Alabama. And today, we had a great day together in worship as a church family.

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