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Why I’m Keeping My Facebook Account… For Now

Ed Stetzer just posted an article talking about how he had deleted his personal Facebook profile. Though he is keeping his public page, he has serious concerns about Facebook's approach to privacy, as do many other people right now. …

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Don’t Count Google Out of the Social Web Race Yet

I’ve just finished reading Mashable’s 5 reasons Google won’t dominate the next decade, which suggests that search will be replaced by social recommendations for buying power. Then I proceeded to a post by Luke Brynley-Jones at Our Social Times about how the rise of social …

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Getting Started with Social Media


Let me say this loud and clear - I am not an expert on social media. Neither are most of the people who are charging high consulting fees and proclaiming themselves to be so - just read Rob Bowen's excellent article on the subject and you'll understand what I mean by …

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What You Missed While Twitter Was Down

Disclaimer: Absolutely NONE of this foolish rubbish actually happened... photo credit: Torley So surely you heard about the social media meltdown today, right? If not, perhaps it was because your only source of news about the world around you (Twitter) was unavailable in a …

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Spread the News through Social Media

News flash: news spreads faster through a crowd than to a crowd. If you want to break news, whisper it into an ear and see what happens. If there is a positive word that describes our age, it's community. Seth Godin knows this. Chris Brogan understands it. Motrin learned it the …

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What In the World Is Social Networking?

I've been blogging for almost four years now, but I think I'd still call myself a late adopter. It's only been within the last year and a half that I've begun to realize the power of optimizing my site for search engines, so I spent a couple of years blogging while nobody was …

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