I’m Going Split-Personality on Facebook

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Even though I think is mo’ funner, I recognize that has probably the greater potential to be used for personal networking. My wife thinks is boring even though she recognizes its potential as a place for professional connections and conversation to happen. Because I’m accustomed to how works, I tend to use in a similar …

Viva la Revolution

Can Social Media Contribute to a Jesus Revolution?

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Jeff Gibson is an extremely intelligent guy who advises heads of state and leaders of corporation about messaging, marketing, and many other things I’ll never fully understand. Chris Forbes has been a leader in missions for as long as I’ve been a Pastor and was actually the very first person I ever followed on . The two of them and …

9 Tips for More Effective Facebook Marketing

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is NOT welcoming of the marketing efforts of its users, and often, family and friends on are ANNOYED by marketing efforts. Both of those statements are undeniable. So trying to “market on ” requires good sense, strict moderation, and an understanding of how might work for marketing purposes. Personally, I rarely post any marketing messages on . …

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Mining Your Social Web Relationships

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I’ve just written a post over at Fuel Your Blogging about some tools for ing into your social networking relationships. In that post, I talk briefly about how I believe we’re in the adolescence period of the internet. We’re still focused on the “cool” factor of the tools we use, but some of the tools available now are helping us …