Ranting on Facebook versus Doing the Hard Stuff

November 9, 2012By BrandonCulture 2 Comments

Ranting and raving on about how the immoral, evil, liberal, leftist, socialists have taken over and will be the demise of our country doesn’t equate to you “standing up for what is right” or “making a difference.” It means you can type. Congrats. I understand posting about issues you feel strongly about and have … Read More

The Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

September 6, 2011By BrandonCommunications

Can you effectively lead a church without being on ? It may not be such a dumb question, in my opinion. Can you lead, teach, and shepherd without technology? Sure. But can you infiltrate the culture with the gospel while walking in a circle of avoidance around the culture? To put it another way, can … Read More

Value the Shrapnel

March 29, 2011By BrandonCommunications 9 Comments

This afternoon I met with some thinkers at Saddleback Church to talk about using social media in ministry. While we were meeting, a thought hit me and I started scribbling in my Moleskine… After I finished with my chicken scratch (a southern term for doodling, scribbling, and designing innovative flowcharts), I snapped a pic and … Read More

I’m Going Split-Personality on Facebook

February 18, 2011By BrandonLiving 3 Comments

Even though I think is mo’ funner, I recognize that has probably the greater potential to be used for personal networking. My wife thinks is boring even though she recognizes its potential as a place for professional connections and conversation to happen. Because I’m accustomed to how works, I tend to … Read More