Let’s Keep Reaching Consumers. Aka, Lost Sheep.

Brandon Culture

“The American church is so consumeristic!” It’s a common uttered by the religiously fed-up, and of course, there’s a lot of truth in it. Some churches in America do tend to cater to the consumeristic mentality of our culture. But I think, on the whole, most churches don’t, and that’s actually part of the problem. The American church has a perceived problem …

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Sermon Video: Let’s Throw a Party!

Brandon Preaching

Sometimes, things change, such as the location where we gather for worship. But some things never change, like the mission and message of the church. In this message ivered on our inaugural Sunday in our new space, I’m casting a vision for the future and challenging us to throw a party for sinners like us.

Why God Gets All the Credit

Brandon Devotional

When I hit dating age, I was afraid to ask girls out on dates. Until I met Angie. I asked her repeatedly, and she repeatedly said no, until she finally said yes, and the rest is a beautiful history. Sometimes we view our relationship with God as though we asked God to save us and, as if it was the …