Let’s Keep Reaching Consumers. Aka, Lost Sheep.

Brandon Culture

“The American church is so consumeristic!” It’s a common uttered by the religiously fed-up, and of course, there’s a lot of truth in it. Some churches in America do tend to cater to the consumeristic mentality of our culture. But I think, on the whole, most churches don’t, and that’s actually part of the problem. The American church has a perceived problem …

Jesus Washing Feet

Who Are Your 3? Your 12? Your 70? Your Thousands?

Brandon Leadership

With whom are you doing life? What I mean is, with whom do you spend time hanging out and talking about the deepest things of life? Whom do you sharpen, and who sharpens you? Jesus lived toward the cross and the resurrection, and his singular focus on his end game motivated him to live very intentionally. He depended on God …

You’re Never Alone When You’re Sharing Jesus

Brandon Devotional

Most believers understand the “ought to” side of sharing our faith. We know we ought to do so. Some of us understand the “how to.” In fact, churches have been quite good at equipping and educating believers in the finer points of the gospel and the act of sharing it. But on a daily basis, I think very few understand …