We Need a Clearer Vision of Our Multi-Colored World

Brandon Culture

I’m 38. I grew up in the 1980’s and early 90’s. I remember President Ronald Regan addressing the nation, the launch of MTV, and using an antenna switch on my tube-style television so I could play my Atari. For some of you, I’m really old. But for many of you, I’m still quite young, relatively speaking, not having lived through …

Real Unity Is Possible Only In the Light

Brandon Devotional

God s variety and diversity and our multi-colored, multi-cultural world shows off this characteristic of God quite well. But as sinful human beings, we are prone to divide, to defend, and to separate ourselves behind protective walls and a false sense of superiority. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of the human mosaic in the dark, and it’s a rather …

Diversity Was God’s Idea to Begin With

Brandon Devotional

Diversity and equality have been hot topics in the last decade of American life. We’re in the midst of various shifts in our culture surrounding these concepts, especially in relation to ethnicity and gender, and some of these shifts are good. When my family lived in southern California, we were ethnically not in the majority in our neighborhood, and we …