Whom God Saves, God Seals

Brandon Devotional, Living

In the year 2000, Angie and I bought our first home. It was sweet! We to one day with the realtor. About the fifth or sixth and final house we loed at that day was the perfect fit. We headed to the realtor’s office and filled out an offer form and included with it our earnest money – a whopping …


Celebrating the Diversity of the Church

Brandon Church Planting, Culture

I grew up white, middle class, and in the mid-south. My high school was diverse, but not peacefully so. Tensions ran high between races, classes, and groups, which was to some degree a reflection of the entire community. I very well should have grown to adulthood with all kinds of prejudice. But God, in His grace, showed me a different …

Combine in Wheat Field

2012: We’re Just Getting Started

Brandon Living

It’s day one of a new year. It’s also day one of the rest of your life. 2011 is behind us and a clean slate is before us. January 1 is always a day of high hopes and sometimes unrealistic expectations. If you have the idea that this year will be free from any problems, you’re already in for a …