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Celebrating the Diversity of the Church


I grew up white, middle class, and in the mid-south. My high school was diverse, but not peacefully so. Tensions ran high between races, classes, and groups, which was to some degree a reflection of the entire community. I very well should have grown to adulthood with all kinds of prejudice. But God, in His …

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2012: We’re Just Getting Started

Combine in Wheat Field

It's day one of a new year. It's also day one of the rest of your life. 2011 is behind us and a clean slate is before us. January 1 is always a day of high hopes and sometimes unrealistic expectations. If you have the idea that this year will be free from any problems, you're already in for a rude surprise. …

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My Second Birthday Matters Even More

Baby Feet

My wife and I turn 33 today. Yes, we were born the same day, 500 miles apart, and she has a twin brother, Josh. I will point out that I'm about nine hours older, so I get to be the leader! We mark birthdays as milestones, as if surviving another year is a great accomplishment. To me, this is kind of like the …

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In Light of Eternity

My family and I are currently traveling and visiting with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I enjoy seeing my extended family on both sides, but one of the aspects of travel I love the most are those conversations that happen in the front seat between me and my wife (when she's awake, that is). This past …

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The Rut, the Rat Race, and the Daily Grind

Hit the snooze button. Crawl out of bed after the second alarm. Hit the shower. Choose a shirt. Make the coffee. Start the car. Fight the traffic. Punch the clock. Meet the clients. Please the boss. Grab lunch. Please the boss some more. Punch the clock again. Fight the traffic. Fix dinner. Watch television. …

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Whom God Saves, God Seals

In the year 2000, Angie and I bought our first home. It was sweet! We took one day with the realtor. About the fifth or sixth and final house we looked at that day was the perfect fit. We headed to the realtor's office and filled out an offer form and included with it our earnest money - a whopping $500 (big …

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Getting To Know Jesus Throughout Eternity

We have, sometimes, the mistaken notion that when we get to heaven, we'll be as God, knowing everything. Not only is this a duplication of Adam and Eve's mistaken theology, it's also quite unbiblical. What will be different there is that the hindrances to learning will have been removed. Listen to the way J. …

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The Certainty of Mysteries

I was deeply moved by today's reading from J. Sidlow Baxter's devotional, Awake My Heart. He speaks of the mysteries of life, what W. A. Criswell used to call "the imponderables of God." Baxter mentioned birth, life, personality, human experience, Satan, eternity, etc. All of these are unexplainable. We can …

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In the Beginning

This week is very monumental for me. I am preparing to begin preaching through the entire Bible this Sunday morning. It has been a ministry-long dream. Since reading the autobiography of Dr. W. A. Criswell, who preached through the Scriptures over an almost eighteen year period at First Baptist Church in …

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The Nightline Debate: Proving the Existence of God

Last night, millions watched the debate between Kelly and Brian Sabient (representing atheism) and Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (attempting to prove God's existence without using faith or the Bible). I have reviewed as much of the video as I can stand and have come to some interesting conclusions. At first, …

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