13 Words from a Father to His Daughter on Her 13th Birthday

Ella All Grown Up

Ella All Grown UpElla, you’re amazing! And you’re supposed to stay my little girl forever. You’ve grown up so much already and I’m tearing up in Starbuck’s as I write this just thinking about it. I hope it’s okay with you that this is public. I just thought of other Dads of future teenaged girls and the daughters who may need a bit of guidance too.

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Today, I Had My Cake… And I Ate it Too!

Our Cake!
Ella at the American Girl Store

Ella at the American Girl Store

What does it take to enjoy a nearly perfect day? Well…

Our Cake!

Our Cake!

  • Seeing your precious daughter turn 8 years old.
  • Southern California summer – 80 and no humidity.
  • A trip to the Grove in Hollywood.
  • A visit to the American Girl Store… where they served cake.
  • Watching Ella spend gift certificates on a new doll friend named Lanie.
  • Weekend services at Saddleback Church.
  • Chick-fil-A for dinner (Ella’s pick).
  • Ice Cream.
  • Watching a 3 month old Samuel endure it all, including traffic jams on the 5 and 405 freeways, like a champ!
  • Meeting a neighbor with a 3 month old English bulldog pup who licked my toes.
  • Hangin’ on the couch with Ella and a late night movie.

We were introduced today to what everyone has told us about Los Angeles traffic. Sixty miles takes anywhere from two hours to six days… take long-term provisions just in case.

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A New Year, A New School, and New Opportunities

Ella Off to School

Ella Off to SchoolThe last couple of weeks have been rather interesting at the Cox house. Angie has begun a new career teaching Bible at Life Way Christian School in Centerton, just a few miles away, and Ella started second grade there today. Though Angie will take Ella with her each day, I had the privilege of delivering her to her new classroom today. All I can say is she seems a little bit less like a little girl each time we do this.

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The Priceless Privilege of Baptizing My Daughter

Rather than writing a lengthy post about this huge moment in my daughter’s life (and mine and Angie’s as well), I thought I’d just let you watch the video and hear my comments. I’m quite thankful that family and friends at a distance can enjoy this video. Two things to notice. On her way down the steps, she panics for just a second and says, “I don’t want to today…” But she never stops smiling. Then, we’re not sure what was up with her feeling of paralysis at the end, but it also gave us a good laugh.

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My Daughter Gave Her Life to Christ!!!

Ella Grace

Yesterday, I was too sick to go to church, so Angie and Ella went. We had a Trunk-or-Treat in which David Stewart, our awesome Children’s Ministry Director told a story about a pumpkin. I have no idea what David said, but Angie used it to spark a discussion when we got home. She had enough insight to see the question marks written on Ella’s face.

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