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What Impact Could You Make in 90 Years?


My grandmother (better known to us as "Nanny") turns ninety years old today. We traveled to Kentucky over the holidays and were able to see her. We all agree, she doesn't look ninety. On the contrary, God has blessed her with great health, and we feel so blessed to have her in …

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Baby Sam Takes Over the World

Some stories are timeless, like this one, written by one Ella Grace, my eight-year-old daughter. Enjoy. Once there was a baby named Sam and he had the smelliest diaper in the world. He had decided to that if he distracted his family he could make a run for the White …

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God Took Me To School About My Rules

Treasure Island Beach, Laguna Beach, CA

Yesterday, we headed to Treasure Island Beach. It's a beautiful spot in Laguna Beach hidden away behind the Montage Resort. You have to hike a bit to get down to it, but once you're there, you're enclosed between two beautiful cliffs. We put our towels down about 50 feet from …

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Today, I Had My Cake… And I Ate it Too!

Our Cake!

What does it take to enjoy a nearly perfect day? Well... Seeing your precious daughter turn 8 years old. Southern California summer - 80 and no humidity. A trip to the Grove in Hollywood. A visit to the American Girl Store... where they served cake. Watching Ella …

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A New Year, A New School, and New Opportunities

Ella Off to School

The last couple of weeks have been rather interesting at the Cox house. Angie has begun a new career teaching Bible at Life Way Christian School in Centerton, just a few miles away, and Ella started second grade there today. Though Angie will take Ella with her each day, I had …

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An Artist In the Making


Ella has finished the first grade. Hmm... strange since she was just born a few days ago! Or at least it seems that way. The past day or two, perhaps with the commencement of summer, I've reflected a lot on the amazing process God is allowing me to behold - the growth and …

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The Priceless Privilege of Baptizing My Daughter

Rather than writing a lengthy post about this huge moment in my daughter's life (and mine and Angie's as well), I thought I'd just let you watch the video and hear my comments. I'm quite thankful that family and friends at a distance can enjoy this video. Two things to notice. On …

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Merry Christmas from the Cox Family

The Cox Family at Silver Dollar City

Dear Family and Friends, It seems impossible that three years have passed since we moved our family to northwest Arkansas. . We feel so overwhelmed when we think about all with which God has blessed us since coming home to Bethel. Ella started the first grade and seems to …

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My Daughter Gave Her Life to Christ!!!

Ella Grace

Yesterday, I was too sick to go to church, so Angie and Ella went. We had a Trunk-or-Treat in which David Stewart, our awesome Children's Ministry Director told a story about a pumpkin. I have no idea what David said, but Angie used it to spark a discussion when we got home. She …

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Ella’s First Day of First Grade

Ella G

Our little baby's growing up! Few things are more precious, and more heart-breaking, than your six-year-old little girl with a backpack on, marching off to school. We're happy for her, excited about her future, and prayerful that she'll be used of God in mighty ways! But we also …

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