Baby Sam Takes Over the World

Brandon Living

Some stories are timeless, like this one, written by one Ella Grace, my eight-year-old daughter. Enjoy. Once there was a baby named Sam and he had the smelliest diaper in the world. He had decided to that if he distracted his family he could make a run for the White House. So one day he crawled into the living room …

Treasure Island Beach, Laguna Beach, CA

God Took Me To School About My Rules

Brandon Living

Yesterday, we headed to Treasure Island Beach. It’s a beautiful spot in Laguna Beach hidden away behind the Montage Resort. You have to hike a bit to get down to it, but once you’re there, you’re enclosed between two beautiful cliffs. We put our towels down about 50 feet from the wet sand to make sure we were out of …

Our Cake!

Today, I Had My Cake… And I Ate it Too!

Brandon Living

What does it take to enjoy a nearly perfect day? Well… Seeing your precious daughter turn 8 years old. Southern California summer – 80 and no humidity. A trip to the Grove in Hollywood. A visit to the American Girl Store… where they served cake. Watching Ella spend gift certificates on a new doll friend named Lanie. Weekend services at …