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You Can't NOT Have A Blog

The internet is all abuzz with fervent opinions about the "death of blogging" article in last month's Wired magazine. Whether you feel blogging is alive and well or yesterday's news, the Republican party is taking notice! John over at Human 3rror has written a pretty cool blog …

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Seth Godin Shares a HUGE Marketing Lesson from the Election

Seth Godin is a genius when it comes to marketing. I read his blog today and was intrigued by what he had to say about tribalism and elections, but it was the last paragraph that really stunned me. It's what I've been saying for months now about our two choices... we get the …

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Abortion is a Deal-Breaker for Me

Al Mohler published a blog article today entitled Is the Abortion Argument Changing?. It's excellent. At the end, he references a sermon by Russell Moore that makes the argument that Joseph (Jesus' step-father) was a "single-issue evangelical." I'm fairly progressive. I'm …

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