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Did I Choose Christ, or Did God Choose Me? Yes.

Give God praise

My friend, Derwin Gray, has just released a post about the doctrine of election. It's a tough subject, but I recently had the chance to chat with Derwin over dinner in a small South Carolina town and election was one of the topics we discussed. I love his high view of God, his …

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I Like J. C. Ryle’s Thoughts on Redemption

One of the issues I struggled with deeply in the past is Calvinism... election... predestination, pick your term (but two are biblical for sure). I love the way Spurgeon addressed the question once about how he reconciled election and free will, simply stating that he didn't have …

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Why I’m Moved by the Inauguration of President Barack Obama

I'll be brief. I'm moved... I'm moved by Rick Warren's prayer. It was nice to hear him pray the entire model prayer and to call for civility when differing, which indeed allows for differing. I'm moved by the election of America's first African-American president. That's …

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Al Mohler Speaks: America Has Chosen a President

I've been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions in the last twenty-four hours. Even before Karl Rove said it around lunchtime, it was obvious who our next President would be. I listened to the speeches of both McCain and Obama, then went to bed. I went right to sleep. Why? Well, I …

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Welcome President Obama – My New President

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been declared, at this point, President-elect of the United States. My reaction? Welcome. I didn't choose him, but God did. I could not and did not vote for him because of some serious values-clashes. But now, It's time for us to prayerfully support the man God …

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A Live Election Map from Google

The great thing about this map is the lack of commentary from any major media group - just real-time reporting of election results. Enjoy... feel free to add your comments along the way. Be the media. …

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Denny Burk’s Closing Argument for Life on Election Eve

In this presidential election, moreso than others in the past, those who vote on the basis of the issue of the sanctity of life have been increasingly classified as "narrow-minded" and "single-issue obsessive." Yep, that's me. Well, I appreciate this well-worded post from Denny …

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