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The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Leadership

... is you. We often guard against the negative impact of others or our perceived threat from other leaders, but at the end of the day, we leaders are our own worst enemies. The most damaging things that will happen to your leadership will be carried out by you. When pride prevents you from learning When anger destroys someone close to you When your ego prevents you from mentoring those who might surpass you When you fold to temptation and risk everything …

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To Become a Man After God’s Own Heart

In our journey through the Word at Bethel, we've come up to the historical books of the Old Testament. We jump right into the first two kings, Saul and David, who could not be more of a contrast. I've always been struck by the supreme difference between the two of them Saul would do anything for the approval of man, including live in direct disobedience to God. David, on the other hand, was crushed anytime he didn't have God's approval and obeyed God even when it cost him the …

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