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Sermon Video: Jesus Wants to Give You a Purpose to Live For

Brandon Preaching

We live in a world plagued by frustration and anxiety. Why? Because we’re trying to be “good enough” for other people, and even for God, but without any real power. Jesus died and rose again to give us an entirely new purpose for living. Learn from the story of a former terrorist named Saul what it really means to live …


SINCE Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead…

Brandon Devotional

When I was a kid, I heard the gospel and believed it. I didn’t fully understand it, but I believed it. I can remember attending our annual Easter Sunday sunrise service at the foot of the hill that hosted the headstones of our little country church’s cemetery. The Pastor talked about how Jesus could return at any moment and when he …

Amazing Love

Leading In the Afterglow of a Big Sunday

Brandon Leadership

I was humbled by the words scribbled on the back of a communication card this past Sunday: This was my first time to church. I have struggled most of my life and just find myself in the worst situations. Listening to your sermon gave me a lot to think about and I am ready to let Jesus help me find …

Easter Egg Hunt

Our First Easter as Grace Hills Church

Brandon Church Planting, Living

Was awesome. On Saturday, we hosted a community Easter egg hunt at Grace Hill Elementary School. About 75 volunteers, a third of which were teens, came and hid 5,000 eggs and served a hot grilled lunch to about 350 people. The school was gracious enough to allow us to invite all 500 of their students which allowed us to have …


Approaching Easter Sunday As a Pastor

Brandon Preaching

Easter Sunday is special. In spite of the competition from little furry bunnies who iver colored eggs and sugar-induced hyperactive episodes among children, it’s still a holiday that is fairly “religious.” That is to say, Jesus still gets a fair amount of attention, possibly because it’s always on Sunday and churches draw such attention to the resurrection. This is good. …