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3 Luxuries That Should Be Essentials

Reading and Listening

There are three luxuries I never feel I have enough time for - reading, writing, and creating. Why? Because they tend to follow the "have to's" such as financial management, relationship management, task lists, and deadlines. Have you ever said something like, "I don't have time to read another book, write …

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Pastor, Don’t Forget Your Soul!

A Man and His Soul

This is the age of innovative ministry techniques and methodologies. We're mad with creativity, which I love, but at times we can be right in the midst of innovation and be missing out on developing something so much more vital - our souls. I went through a period quite a few years ago in which all I was …

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He Made the Stars Also

I've just begun my annual Bible reading plan over at and have already been awestruck within the first chapter of the Bible by a single phrase... "and He made the stars also." Consider the vastness of the universe... It so happens that the distance from the earth to one of our brightest …

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