Mad Men

Is Mad Men a Religious Program?

Brandon Culture

Well… no, but it certainly makes for a good illustration of a very simple biblical principle – that of consequences. The laws of “sowing and reaping” or “cause and effect” are realities we cannot escape. I d Russell Moore’s post on this topic so much I wanted to pass it along here. So often our approach is to write off …

Why God’s Judgment Is Such a Tough Subject

Brandon Theology

As Isaiah put it, God’s ways are above our ways, and His thoughts are above our thoughts. He is holy, transcendent, distinct, and set apart from us. And He is, as Noah put it, the “Judge of all the earth,” and He will “do right.” But we often answer wrongly on His behalf. Let me say that I don’t have …

The soul that sins - it shall die.

Preaching About Depravity

Brandon Leadership, Theology

Yesterday, I preached about depravity. We’re journeying through the entire Bible and I came to the passage where Moses comes down off the mountain and the people have made a golden calf. God prepared him with the information, but Moses was still utterly shocked at their rebellion. That’s how we approach the subject of depravity – we can hardly believe …

The Rush of Summer

Brandon Leadership

Isn’t summer supposed to be our vacation from the busyness of life? This summer, for the Cox family, is flying right by in a whirlwind of activity. We’ve traveled to see family in three different states (Missouri and Georgia for Angie, Kentucky for me). We’re getting ready to spend a week at church camp. And then, it will be time …