The Life Plan of a Courageous Man

Brandon Devotional

Men! In western society today, we’ve typecast men as unable to be responsible, intelligent, or relationally healthy. Boys will be boys. Men just can’t control themselves. Girls rule. Boys drool. We aren’t doing our boys any favors by hold up this particular caricature. Equally dangerous is the other extreme, embraced in various generations of history in which men are domineering overlords …

Winning the War Over the Flesh

Brandon Preaching

There is a universal battle in the lives of believers between the flesh and the Spirit. We waver between doing what our fleshly instincts tell us to do and doing what God is telling us to do. This is a timeless battle. As we lo through the life of David, we’ve come to a spot in his life where I …

Samuel - Thinking

How God Prepares a Heart for Greatness

Brandon Preaching

Samuel (our son) is now six days old as I write this, and we are already talking about what we’re going to do to prepare him for adulthood. That’s the goal – doing all we can as parents to help him grow up into a well-adjusted, independent, godly young man. We’re already putting aside money in his college fund. We’ll …

Buzz and Woody

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Brandon Preaching

When people talk about friendships in the Bible, they usually think of David and Jonathan, and with good reason. Not long after David defeated Goliath, the two had an opportunity to live under Saul’s roof together and become very close. Many things about their relationship demonstrate exactly what real friendship is all about. In 1 Samuel 18-20, we get to …