When Judgment Day Comes

We like to think about heaven, but we’re slower to believe in hell. We’re okay with mercy and grace, but we often fail to understand their magnitude because we don’t quite understand Judgment Day. In this final message from our series through the book of Daniel, I share about the final judgment and what it means...
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The Real Miracle In the Lions’ Den

The real miracle in the lions’ den wasn’t that a prophet named Daniel wasn’t eaten – impressive as that is. The real miracle is that the power and truth and grace of God had shaped the life of Daniel for ninety years into a man whose faith was so strong, it was the only thing...
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What the Ancient Prophet Daniel Has to Say to Our Times

Is it possible to have a thriving relationship with God even in the middle of a culture gone crazy? Absolutely! And my confidence is bolstered by the testimony of an ancient biblical prophet named Daniel. He lived most of his life in Babylon as a servant of tyrants and still managed to hear from God, speak...
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When the Writing Is On the Wall

Babylon is throwing a party in the presumed absence of God. But God has a message for our culture and he wants to share it through his people. In this fifth message in our series on Daniel: Thriving In Babylon, I share about how we can shine the light of truth in an ever-darkening culture.
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My Kingdom vs. His Kingdom

We are all builders, and that’s not a bad thing. To build families, careers, and business is good and productive for humanity. But for Christians who follow Jesus, there’s a big question at stake – whose kingdom truly comes first? In this fourth message in a series through the book of Daniel, we’ll talk about why thriving...
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When to Refuse to Bow

Calls for civil disobedience can certainly sound alarmist and sensational, especially when we throw the word “persecution” around carelessly. But is there a time when Christians need to be ready to disobey the earthly powers that be in order to remain in proper step with God? Definitely. Listen in on why. And here are some...
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