What the Ancient Prophet Daniel Has to Say to Our Times

August 6, 2015By BrandonLiving

Is it possible to have a thriving relationship with God even in the middle of a culture gone crazy? Absolutely! And my confidence is bolstered by the testimony of an ancient biblical prophet named Daniel. He lived most of his life in Babylon as a servant of tyrants and still managed to hear from God, speak … Read More

Sermon Video: How to Live for Jesus In Babylon

July 7, 2015By BrandonPreaching

This past Sunday, I introduced a new message series from the bo of Daniel called Thriving in Babylon. And in the first message, I scratched the surface of the question, how can I live for Jesus while living in a world that feels like ancient Babylon than the promised land? Watch above, and here’s a bit of … Read More

Get Out Front! The World Needs You to Lead: 3 Big Challenges

February 5, 2015By BrandonLeadership

Two thirds of the earth’s surface is water, yet there are places in the world where people will literally go to war over access to clean drinking water. In the same way, there have never been so many bos, seminars, and blogs on leadership, yet the culture is still a giant vacuum desperately needing leaders … Read More