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I’m Sorry Sin, But You Have the Wrong Person

"The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected." Ever hear that? It means the people you're attempting to contact have closed, or moved, or died, or gave you a wrong number, perhaps even on purpose. How rude! The same can happen with the mail, according to Elvis, whose …

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Would You Willingly Be Executed?

"It's just my cross to bear." I've heard people say that phrase about the dumbest things. We tend to say it about things that annoy us, inconvenience us, or maybe cost us time or money. It reveals that we really haven't a clue what it means to take up our cross. Jesus was about …

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This Sunday's Message Teaser – 7 Days to Live

Download now or watch on posterous This Sunday's Message Teaser - 7 Days to (10498 KB) What do you think you would do? …

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