Let’s Fix Our Either-Or Thinking Problem for the Good of Evangelicalism 

Brandon Culture

“If we would just preach the word and lean on the Holy Spirit, we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘growing’ our churches…” “God has called pastors to be shepherds and prophets, not business leaders or strategists…” “We’re not supposed to have church services for seekers; church is for the saved…” “Don’t worry about attracting people to your church; just make disciples …

Leading Out Front

It’s Easier NOT to Lead

Brandon Leadership

Leadership is a hot topic with plenty of aspiring and hopeful people clamoring for success in its arena. But the reality is that it’s easier NOT to lead. When we aspire to leadership, we envision the good stuff – the people who will lo to us for direction, the success of our organization, and the accolades of those who follow …