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Communication Is What We DO

1939 Radio

This post is a bit of a rant, but not a mean one. I spend a LOT of time on the phone and on the internet connecting with church leaders. I've observed, in the wild, the communications strategies of hundreds of churches, and I keep noticing that the very basic principles of …

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Toy Story 3: Inception Trailer – Awesome Creativity!

Toy Story 3: Inception

You may have seen this, but having seen both movies, I thought this was genius!! Hat Tip to Khayyam (@iamkhayyam) …

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Mind Mapping and Sermon Preparation


Below is a mind map. Behold... If you've never used mind mapping, you might want to give it a try. I've found it to be an excellent tool for brainstorming, organizational charting, sermon preparation, memorization of large amounts of data, planning, and collaboration. …

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The Creative Juices Are Flowing

God is the great Creator of the entire universe and all that is in it. He created time and He creates every life that enters into the world. In short, God is extremely creative, so He loves creativity. I agree with many modern church leaders that creativity, in and of itself, is …

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Our Freedom in Ministry

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking with Donny Parrish, Director of Church Ministries for the BMA of America about church ministry today. My heart and eyes were opened to some great principles concerning reaching the lost today. I was also reminded to lay down my own …

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