Pro Church Tools Podcast: The Small Church Movement

May 17, 2016Links

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Brady Shearer on the Pro Church Tools podcast. We talked about creativity and branding, but spent even time on the idea that the church in the next generation may be larger than ever, but also spread out in smaller clusters than ever. So it’s … Read More

Whatever You’re Preaching This Sunday, Talk About THIS!

September 10, 2015Preaching

Preaching is a sacred task. We who shepherd congregations are entrusted with the assignment of opening God’s very own words to his people, week after week, and translating ancient truth to today’s people. We are to preach so as to build up (edify), to hold up (encourage), and to fire up (exhort). I’m burdened that … Read More

5 Ways to Foster Creativity In Your Church

March 19, 2013Communications

I get the feeling that churches like left-brained people . I don’t think it’s intentional, but we tend to gravitate toward people who have teaching and organizational gifts rather than creative gifts. Organizers help us structure the church for numerical growth in logical ways and typically like rules and traditions a little than the … Read More

3 Ministries of Every Church Staff Member

April 10, 2012Leadership

Some churches view the staff as hired workers. If that is the case in your church, respect your leaders and don’t blame any rebellious attitudes on what I am about to say about this. Other churches view the staff as interdependent creative thinkers and leaders. In the first case, the usual mentality is “anything you … Read More

Visual Inspiration and Great Links for Creative Leaders

January 7, 2012Communications

Being creative is a reflection upon our Creator. To be creative, observe beautiful things made by creative people. Every day, I read posts from around the web that showcase some amazing creative talent. Each is a link, so click the picture for . Enjoy… s

Phil Cooke On the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make in the Media

March 28, 2011Communications

This is an article that Pastors and anyone in the field of Church Communications needs to read and bomark for later research. It’s the short version of a talk that Phil gave at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil was instrumental in sparking a huge interest in me in the realm of media and communications … Read More