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5 Ways to Foster Creativity In Your Church


I get the feeling that churches like left-brained people more. I don't think it's intentional, but we tend to gravitate toward people who have teaching and organizational gifts rather than creative gifts. Organizers help us structure the church for numerical growth in logical …

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3 Ministries of Every Church Staff Member


Some churches view the staff as hired workers. If that is the case in your church, respect your leaders and don't blame any rebellious attitudes on what I am about to say about this. Other churches view the staff as interdependent creative thinkers and leaders. In the first case, …

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Good Idea. Now What? Charles Lee Helps Answer This Question

Good Idea. Now What? By Charles Lee

Our Creator designed us to be creative. And out of our inborn creativity come forth plenty of good ideas, but an idea is only as valuable as its successful implementation. In other words, brainstorming is good, but completing ideas is even better. Charles Lee, the founder of the …

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Visual Inspiration and Great Links for Creative Leaders

25 Awesome Business Cards

Being creative is a reflection upon our Creator. To be more creative, observe beautiful things made by creative people. Every day, I read posts from around the web that showcase some amazing creative talent. Each is a link, so click the picture for more. Enjoy... …

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Phil Cooke On the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make in the Media

This is an article that Pastors and anyone in the field of Church Communications needs to read and bookmark for later research. It's the short version of a talk that Phil gave at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil was instrumental in sparking a huge interest in …

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Great Designers Learn from Great Design

Dexigner Newsletter

There are titles aplenty in the design and development world. I'm not so much a developer as I am a designer, but I'm not so much a graphic designer as I am a front end website developer, so some would call me a user interface designer or web user interface designer. Or perhaps …

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31 Signs You Are a Thought Leader

The phrases "thought leader" and "thought leadership" seem to be everywhere today. What exactly is a thought leader? It's tricky because the phrases "thought leader" and "thought leadership" are new and trendy. Some such phrases have "stickiness" meaning that they stay around …

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Always Be Thinking About These Things

Dreams. Because it all starts with a dream or an idea. Recapture your lost dreams, create new ones, and find a way to make them real. Living. Because as Bob Dylan said, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” If you’re not sure what to live for, try peak moments and big …

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Guy Kawasaki on the Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

I loved these points! 1.  See yourself as an innovator. 2.  Do what you love. 3.  Put a dent in the universe. 4.  Kick-start your brain. 5.  Sell dreams, not products. 6.  Say no to 1,000 things. 7.  Strive for simplicity. 8.  Create …

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Blogging to the Third Power Book Released

Screen shot 2010-05-06 at 8.53.27 AM

Nicholas Cardot has just released his new book, Blogging to the Third Power, and it's an awesome, 204 page overview of the art of blogging covering every relevant topic from design to SEO to creative writing. And by the way, I contributed a chapter, so I know Nick and I would …

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