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Fresh Stories I’ve Bookmarked This Week

My Daughter's Pretty Feet

You can't lead and pour into others if you aren't taking in a steady diet of life-building content yourself. Here are some stories I've bookmarked lately, some on marriage, others on leadership, and a few on communications and design. Read what you like. 10 Simple Things You …

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Seven Ways Twitter Will Improve Your Preaching and Teaching

John Calvin published 22 volumes of commentaries on the Bible and Martin Lloyd-Jones published 9 volumes on Romans alone. What if you could remove all of the non-essential language, antiquated stories, and strip all of that knowledge down to some bite-sized, transportable truths? …

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Content Marketing Is the Marketing That Matters

Remember when Bubba was running through the list of potential shrimp dishes with Forest? Marketing could be handled the same way. Let's see, there's email marketing, attention marketing, social media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, print marketing, traditional marketing, new …

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An Illustrated History of Media Content

An Illustrated History of Content

Nice plug for the Taptu mobile news aggregation app, but a pretty neat illustration nonetheless. I like how they move from imagery to distribution via print to broadcast via new technologies and finally back around to social news aggregation. Since the days of Adam and Eve, news …

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The Three Rules of Content Marketing (via @junta42)

1. You Are a PublisherSimply defined, a publisher delivers on the informational or entertainment needs of the reader in whatever format in which the reader wants to engage.  A traditional publisher does this to generate sponsorship revenues or get people to pay for content. …

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Content Is Social Media Currency

We're all tired of hearing how "content is king," but it's still the rallying cry of many, many people in the marketing world. The phrase encourages debate between content producers (writers and publishers) and creatives (designers and developers). Is content really king? Or is …

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You Couldn’t Pay Me to Subscribe to Your Newspaper

I actually felt a tiny bit of sympathy as the newspaper subscription salesman walked back down my driveway after I’d just turned him down for a subscription. I felt bad for three reasons: He made a good offer. The paper was cheap and the coupons inside would more than pay …

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Why I Like Sharing Things on Google Buzz


I recently wrote an article for bloggers about whether or not we can afford to ignore Google Buzz. Since writing that article shortly after Buzz's public release, I've really come to value certain aspects of it as a sharing platform. …

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This Christmas, I Am Content in God’s Gifts

I'm writing this post just after midnight on Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning, whichever you prefer. I'm excited about what the morning will bring forth, but even as I sit in anticipation of tomorrow's celebration, I can honestly say I'm extremely content. I just finished …

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Why You Need To Get Sticky

I'm normally not a fan of sticky. Seeing the juice of an apple run down gives me the heebie-jeebies, and one of the most frustrating things to do is get a little bit of sugary soda on the outside of the cup. Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clark Grizwald can't get …

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