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The 3 Big Questions of this Social, Digital Age

3 Dials

I've decided to connect with a lot of people in a lot of different ways. I also read a lot of stuff, mostly online but also in print. And I try to write and share great content along the way. The problem is, each of these is never-ending. In other words, there will always be …

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5 Great Leaders To Connect With #ff

Artie vs. Scott

Twitter isn't really about what you had for breakfast. It's about: Making connections. Engaging in conversations. Expanding communities. Here are eight great leaders I've connected with through Twitter: …

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5 Ways to Be a Good Connector

There is much more to social media and marketing than pushing a message. There is even more than conversing and interacting. Everybody does that. There is at the heart of marketing greatness the idea of connecting people and organizations together. This act of …

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What the World Wide Web Can Never Do

The internet began for information. It also exists for inspiration, community, and commerce. It's called the net or the web because of the intricate connections created between people and organizations. The average person will consume more information in a month than would have …

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