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5 Ways to Encourage Another Leader

Linking Hands

Everyone needs a Paul and a Timothy (or several of each). That is, we all need to be learning from mentors and mentoring learners. There is always someone ahead of us and always someone just behind us. It is the role and responsibility of a leader to give another leader a …

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The Depth of Life Is Relationships

People matter. Relationships matter. Family matters. Church matters. God's forever family and His Kingdom matter a great deal more than just about anything else. The depth of life is found in our relationships. We live in times when we're a click away from a whole new set of …

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What In the World Is Social Networking?

I've been blogging for almost four years now, but I think I'd still call myself a late adopter. It's only been within the last year and a half that I've begun to realize the power of optimizing my site for search engines, so I spent a couple of years blogging while nobody was …

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Defining Discipleship

It's tough sometimes to hear a clear voice on how discipleship should be defined. We always like to attach methodologies to it - "you disciple people by..." Today I read a simple, yet thorough definition of discipleship that includes all the essential elements. Tony Evans, in his …

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