Gathering Community

YOU Can Make a Difference as WE Make a Difference Together

Brandon Living

American Christians have been conditioned by our cultural surroundings in many ways, and none is prominent than our shift from communal thinking to individual thinking. We inspirational and motivational content that revolves around me, myself, and I. That’s why we sell so many bos about how I can be successful, how I can get rich, and how I can be a better master of my …

Group Hug

58 Practices Of a Healthy Church Community

Brandon Leadership

It’s impossible for a Pastor or even a church staff to care for the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of every individual and family in a congregation. Expecting them to do so places an unscriptural and undue burden on them and creates unrealistic and bound-to-be-unmet expectations in the minds of church members. I mentioned this in a post I wrote …

The City of Vancouver

How to Bring Joy to Your City

Brandon Culture

I that part of the story of the early church in which God allows persecution to scatter the Christians from Jerusalem like ants. The Bible says that everywhere they went, they preached the gospel (see Acts chapter 8). Phillip, in particular, headed to a city in Samaria and became the earliest cross-cultural missionary. When he preached there, the citizens …

Ella Serving

8 Reasons to Take a Sunday to Serve Outside the Church Walls

Brandon Church Planting

We called ours We Love NWA because that’s how people refer to our community. Whatever you call it, we’re glad we to a weekend away from having a worship service in our theater to serve our neighbors. We’re not the first, by any means to have a weekend to “be” the church instead of “doing” church. Other churches have cancelled …

Sermon on the Mount

Doing Discipleship Post-Resurrection Style

Brandon Leadership

I’ve heard plenty of talk about discipleship and multiplication recently, and it usually goes something like this… If you want to make disciples the way Jesus wants, you have to do it the way Jesus did it. And Jesus, in His earthly ministry, chose only a few people, weeded out those who weren’t true followers, and avoided letting crowds follow …