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6 Ways to Abuse Your Freedom of Speech and 6 Ways to Respect It

I believe in free speech. I'm glad it's the very first thing we added to the United States Constitution. I'm all for the freedom of the press, and I think blogging, social media, and even email (as a mass distribution weapon) are all great ways to exercise this freedom. These new …

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An Illustrated History of Media Content

An Illustrated History of Content

Nice plug for the Taptu mobile news aggregation app, but a pretty neat illustration nonetheless. I like how they move from imagery to distribution via print to broadcast via new technologies and finally back around to social news aggregation. Since the days of Adam and Eve, news …

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Communication Is What We DO

1939 Radio

This post is a bit of a rant, but not a mean one. I spend a LOT of time on the phone and on the internet connecting with church leaders. I've observed, in the wild, the communications strategies of hundreds of churches, and I keep noticing that the very basic principles of …

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I Agree With Phil Cooke – Design Is the Language of This Generation

Phil Cooke

[adsense_id="1"] Yes! Amen! Preach it, brother Phil!! Design is the language of this generation whether we're ready for it or not. There's a reason why I'm very passionate about the communication strategies adopted by the church and it is that we have the best content possible …

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Three Big Words to Shape Your Communications Strategy

Big Words

There are plenty of big words to throw around when it comes to communications, but three have been rattling around in my head all day... Cohesive It's not that all of your messaging has to be the same, it's that your voice needs to be one voice. Each piece of your approach …

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What Sets Preaching Apart from Other Public Speaking?

My favorite classes at Western Kentucky University weren't the Religious Studies courses (my major), or even the History courses (my minor). My favorite classes were in the area of speech and professional communication (what I wish had been my major). I grew up super-shy like …

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Hey Pastor, Can You Translate This Message?

You can't undervalue truth and content in a message, but you can fail to drive it home if you can't translate it. consider this thought from Making a Difference in Preaching: Haddon Robinson on Biblical Preaching... Spurgeon was right: the people in the marketplace cannot …

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Boring Preaching Is A Crime

No, this is not a post about the loss of our religious freedom - it's a reflection on a quote I've looked at many times since I first wrote it down about nine years ago at a conference on preaching... If you think the gathering of biblical facts and standing up with a Bible in …

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Speak Clearly, Or Not At All

Consider... A scrutinized vessel never exceeds the point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. versus... A watched pot never boils. The goal of communication is to communicate, not to confuse. It's easy for our message to get clouded by the words we choose, or the particular …

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Pastors: Don’t Forget to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

Pastors have a bad habit of forgetting that we are ultimately communicators. We fall into the pattern of preaching and presenting God's Word the way we always have, or the way other preachers always have. That's why we get made fun of! That's also one of the reasons people don't …

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