Join Me for a Coaching Workshop in Northwest Arkansas

The Coaching WorkshopI’m teaming up with Danny Kirk, who coaches me on a regular basis, to offer a three-day coaching workshop in northwest Arkansas. What in the world is that?

The Coaching Workshop

Coaching is the discipline of using relational influence, powerful questions, and encouragement to cause an individual or team to move forward in God’s mission.  Coaching honors the uniqueness of all individuals while promoting self-discovery, ownership, transformation, and acceleration toward the goal. This 3-day workshop is for individuals or organizations who wish to incorporate coaching mindsets and skills into assisting others to be more effective in moving forward.

Who Should Attend?

Those who desire to empower, equip, encourage, and support others.

The Outcome

Using coaching skills, you will be able to support people to:

  • Gain focus and set priorities
  • Move from vision to action
  • Develop a plan to achieve their goals faster
  • Broaden perspectives for creative solutions
  • Learn new skills to take the next step

The Approach

The focus of the workshop is on integrating coaching skills with existing leadership roles. Participants reflect on their current behavior and leadership styles and integrate coaching skills to create a unique blend for greater leadership effectiveness. Each participant will receive a 50+ page workshop manual.

The Program 

Through interaction, coaching, and lots of practice, participants learn key coaching skills, including the following:

  • How to be a great listener
  • Asking powerful questions that promote awareness, discovery,  and insights
  • Designing S.M.A.R.T. action plans
  • Following up and accountability
  • The language of Transformational Leaders
  • The COACH Model™
  • Coaching anywhere with anyone
  • How to enable personal transformation
  • Integrating coaching skills into your leadership roles

Until December 2, the registration is just $99 for all three days. Afterward, the price goes up to $149.

Register Today!

5 Ways to Encourage Another Leader

Linking HandsEveryone needs a Paul and a Timothy (or several of each). That is, we all need to be learning from mentors and mentoring learners. There is always someone ahead of us and always someone just behind us. It is the role and responsibility of a leader to give another leader a lift.

So how can we, in a practical way, give another leader a lift?

1. Call a fellow leader on the phone and mentor them without even telling them you’re doing it. Just ask them a ton of questions about how things are going in their soul, their family, and their realm of leadership. Then offer encouragement and perhaps a little bit of advice. And pray with them.

2. Connect a fellow leader into a valuable relationship. I’m forever saying, “Oh, you need to know so-and-so.” It’s my way of putting people together when I think they need to learn from one another. How many connections is too many? I’ve been connecting with leaders and connecting leaders to other leaders for years now and my capacity to learn and be led by others has yet to fill up.

3. Send a book. A friend and mentor recently sent me a book on prayers for leaders. It’s become a great devotional resource. I passed a little book about connecting on to Bentonville, Arkansas’ Mayor, feeling it was a good fit for his business-political niche. Next to the connections we make, resources are everything, so pass them along.


4. Ask a leader for help. Asking for a favor is empowering to people. I love helping others, and so do you. So allow others the blessing of helping you from time to time. A friend called me yesterday for advice about an opportunity before him. The opportunity was out of my league, but he wanted to know what I thought. I’m not sure if my advice was worth much in the end, but it meant a lot that he would ask me.

5. Produce something for others. I get so frustrated with the number of great leaders I know whose heads are filled with wisdom but who won’t write, won’t blog, and won’t speak anywhere. It’s free, quick, and simple to start sharing your knowledge with the world. And it’s only going to get easier. It’s a matter of being a good steward of the wisdom God has given us.

Don’t become so task-oriented today that you fail to turn away from the to-do list to challenge and encourage another leader.