At Least 10 Things Great Churches Are FOR

Brandon Culture

Is it just me, or has the Internet and social media seemingly been flooded lately by a whole lot of vocal people expressing just how many things they’re against? There’s a culture war going on, and it isn’t just the right versus the left. Society seems divided into all kinds of tribes and micro-communities, but issue after issue keeps dividing those …

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Two Good Reasons to Attend Church This Weekend

Brandon Culture

I recently told a friend, who happens to be agnostic, that he “shouldn’t” go to church. I know. That was dumb, right? I really didn’t mean that he should avoid attending church. Rather I meant that he, as a non-believer, wasn’t under any particular moral duty to attend church on the weekends. Instead of feeling as if he should attend church, …

Gathering Community

YOU Can Make a Difference as WE Make a Difference Together

Brandon Living

American Christians have been conditioned by our cultural surroundings in many ways, and none is prominent than our shift from communal thinking to individual thinking. We inspirational and motivational content that revolves around me, myself, and I. That’s why we sell so many bos about how I can be successful, how I can get rich, and how I can be a better master of my …


The After Effects of a Spirit-filled Prayer

Brandon Devotional

Does prayer make any difference? Absolutely! And prayer makes a difference because the living God, the Holy Spirit, lives inside the one praying. Further, when God’s people get together and pray as a community, amazing things happen! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those before-and-after photos advertising the latest weight loss and fitness program. The Bible gives us a pretty …

Grace Hills Lobby

Grace Hills: A Growing Church for a Growing Community

Brandon Grace Hills

I’m in awe of God because He is God and because of all that I know to be true about Him from Scripture. And I’m humbled to be a part of what he is doing in the world today. I just got to share this brief update about Grace Hills Church via Mission:World Magazine. Will you read it and rejoice …