WPChurch Wordpress Theme

Launch Your Church Website with WordPress

Brandon Communications

Though I still dabble to stay fresh, I’m somewhat retired, at least for now, from the business of full scale design of church websites. But when I was developing sites for clients of all sizes, I built 95% of my church websites on WordPress. According to WordPress’ own website: WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website …

StudioPress Midnight Theme

Check Out the Midnight WordPress Theme

Brandon Communications

If you’re into building church websites or blogs with WordPress (like I am), and you’re pretty handy with customizing WordPress themes, you may want to check out the newest premium WordPress theme from StudioPress: Midnight Theme. Here’s a screenshot… Before you buy it, do understand that I think the “simplicity” of premium theme frameworks is often overstated. I always feel …

Local Community

Building a Church Website? Think Local.

Brandon Communications

When you’re building a church website, there are few principles important than this one: think local. Most designers tend to build sites around organizational names or general keywords, but when you’re building a website for a church trying to reach a local community, you have to get inside that local culture as you design.