WPChurch Wordpress Theme

Launch Your Church Website with WordPress

Brandon Communications

Though I still dabble to stay fresh, I’m somewhat retired, at least for now, from the business of full scale design of church websites. But when I was developing sites for clients of all sizes, I built 95% of my church websites on WordPress. According to WordPress’ own website: WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website …

StudioPress Midnight Theme

Check Out the Midnight WordPress Theme

Brandon Communications

If you’re into building church websites or blogs with WordPress (like I am), and you’re pretty handy with customizing WordPress themes, you may want to check out the newest premium WordPress theme from StudioPress: Midnight Theme. Here’s a screenshot… Before you buy it, do understand that I think the “simplicity” of premium theme frameworks is often overstated. I always feel …

Grace Hills Church, Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas

Grace Hills Church Is Alive On the Web

Brandon Communications

And later this year, will be alive in the sense of a community of people gathering together to discover and deepen our relationship with Jesus. Someday, perhaps we’ll meet in some kind of building. But I’m far concerned that we are actively and visibly present in the community to which God has called us to serve, being the church …

Local Community

Building a Church Website? Think Local.

Brandon Communications

When you’re building a church website, there are few principles important than this one: think local. Most designers tend to build sites around organizational names or general keywords, but when you’re building a website for a church trying to reach a local community, you have to get inside that local culture as you design. …